Looking for New Employment

Hello again! Welcome back to the blog, I know it has been a long while since I last wrote anything substantial here. A lot has happened in my life the past few years and I was forced to re-evaluate my priorities and commitments. It has been pretty hard on me, but I feel like I am finally in a position where I can start picking up the things again. First off, with the start of 2020, I would like to say that I am looking for new employment opportunities.

I am a senior [ build engineer | technical writer | dev-ops engineer ], looking for some new challenges to solve! While I specialize in Apple-centric technology stacks, I am also experienced with building and maintaining infrastructure, telemetry/monitoring, as well as managing build systems for Android, Windows, and custom-made (hardware) platforms. My full CV can be found formatted in html, as a pdf, and even in plain text.

There is a lot I can offer in terms of knowledge and expertise. I want to put those skills to use doing something new and am hoping to hear from you regarding any open positions your organization has. I am looking for full-time work, located in Boston on the east coast of the USA (UTC-5/4), and seeking primarily fully remote positions (though won't exclude local or travel/special cases).

I can be reached via hello@pewpewthespells.com