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General Workflow

Due to recent uncertainty of the long-term lifespan of OS X as it currently exists, I've been trying to move to more platform agnostic tools. As a long time OS X user, I have some strong opinions about the behavior of many of the other GUI libraries/platforms that exist. This has left me drifting towards command-line software rather than traditional GUIs. This post summarizes the tools I use daily, and what has made the migration of my workflow to the command line a lot easier.

As a note, all of the software I use that has a command line interface (using curses/urwid/termbox/whatever) has the ability to interact with it using both keyboard and mouse. This was a very important aspect of user interfaces to me, so that got prioritized. Additionally, I picked software based on the way I saw their open source and communities get handled. I always try to choose things that are open and welcoming of newcomers, as well as respectful of all people that interact with the maintainers and software.


Many people use screen or tmux to manage multiple applications running at once, I typically use additional terminal tabs. Even when dealing with remote hosts I find this a much better experience than juggling multiple levels of windowing abstraction.


As a note, I only interact with email via my laptop these days. I have removed the Mail app from my iOS devices so I don't even get notifications of new mail. This also allows me to create a good (and healthy!) separation of work email vs personal email based on which computer I am working from.


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