Website Stack Update

Last week I updated the stack I use for serving this website to take a bit of burden off myself and attempt to get back into the swing of writing again. If you want to check out the code that powers this website, you can check it out on GitHub, but here is a summary of the changes:

I definitely want to get back into the habit of writing for this blog, and for me making it easier to update this more regularly is a step towards that goal. I don't think it will continue to be as Apple-centric as it has been, as both my job and my personal computer usage has gravitated towards a more agnostic approach to computing. The next major update here is probably going to be about getting the content on this site to be entirely open source. I am considering this as I have no reason to not make the original markdown documents public. This would mean that the community could actively keep updating some of the older Xcode documents and guides without requiring me to do all the research work for it. Thanks for your patience everyone!