Samantha Demi's Blog Blog Feed Website Stack Update Some info about updates to the website Using LLVM Santitizers with Nim Short guide on how to use LLVM code sanitizers with Nim Setting up Docker on macOS Short guide on how I got Docker setup on Mac Software I Use Write-up of software I use on a daily basis Migrating Code Signing Configurations to Xcode 8 A detailed guide on how to migrating your code-signing settings to Xcode 8. Future of the Blog An update to how I am going to be running the blog going forward. Building Python modules on CircleCI OS X instances Guide for using CircleCI’s OS X Instances to build Python modules Xcode Build Locations Documentation on how to resolve the location that Xcode will build a project to. pyconfig v1.0 Post about the latest build tool I have written Managing Build Settings and Avoiding pbxproj Conflicts Strategies for avoiding merge conflicts on project.pbxproj Introduction to iOS Development A list of resources to introduce developers to the world of iOS development. Linking Objective-C Code Documentation about linker flags used for linking Objective-C code Converting Static Libraries to Dynamic Libraries for iOS A tutorial for converting static libraries to dynamic libraries OS X Internals Book Update An update to the status of the OS X Internals book The Xcode Build System A dive into the Xcode build system 2016 Dancecard Plans for attending conferences in 2016 PBXProj Identifiers Short write-up with example code on how Xcode generates the identifiers used in pbxproj files. Dangers of NeXTSTEP Plists Potential dangers of working with NeXTSTEP property lists and string encodings OS X, Python, and the readline module Working around the implementation of the Python readline module on OS X Using Xcode Targets Guide for managing targets using build configurations Update on the blog Update on the status of the blog. Codesigning Introspection Commands A set of helpful commands for introspecting various aspects of CodeSigning. SDKs Documentation on how to create SDKs for Xcode The Unofficial Guide to xcconfig files The official unofficial guide to the xcconfig file. Xcode Build Settings Reference A build setting reference for Xcode. Xcode DerivedData Hashes How to resolve the unique identifiers used in DerivedData build locations. Managing Xcode Documentation on how to utilize Xcode’s potential. Static and Dynamic Libraries Explanation of static and dynamic libraries and their uses. Technical Q&A QA1881 v2 - Embedding Content with Swift in Objective-C Details surrounding embedding Swift in Objective-C, and discrepancies with Apple’s Q+A. Reverse Engineering Fitbit BLE Protocol Documenting parts of the Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol used by Fitbit devices. Filing Radars How to file better radars. HealthKit Feedback Giving feedback on HealthKit API and Documentation. Open Letter to Developer Bullshit An open letter about developer bullshit. Fixing Old Bugs A tale of adventure chasing down a very old software bug. Blocking Code Injection on iOS and OS X Explanation for blocking code injection from the dynamic linker on iOS and OS X. Custom Frameworks and Swift How to get custom frameworks to load in Swift Playground and REPL. Swift File Format and ABI Preliminary details on swift ABI runtime and file formats. Post-Evasi0n 7 Breakdown Thoughts and analysis of the evasi0n 7 jailbreak.