Following queersorceress on Twitter

Hi! If you are reading this page then you probably have some interest in following me on Twitter. There are some things that you should know first before following me though:

  1. I tweet a lot. If this bothers you, then maybe you should add me to a list rather than following me directly.

  2. I have a lot of followers. I interact with a lot of people, please don’t be offended if I am not able to reply to you specifically; in all likelihood I missed it when trying to catch up on Twitter, sorry!

  3. I have opinions! I know, opinions are the absolute worst! The thing about opinions is that everyone is allowed to have different ones. If you ask politely I may even get to explain the reasoning behind why I hold those opinions. I am sometimes willing to have polite conversation with you about why you hold a different opinion. However, I really would prefer you not explain my opinions back to me.

  4. Following me doesn’t make you entitled to me or my time.

  5. Despite not identifying as a man, I know how to program computers. I can work on high level UIs and architecture abstraction all the way down to the level of writting assembly code. Programming is pretty rad.

  6. I tweet about whatever comes to mind. It could be about code, or social issues, or cat pictures. I do retweet art that I think is pretty. I don’t tweet things that are explicit or graphic, but sometimes can be NSFW.

I try my best to be fun and friendly on Twitter. If you can follow these rules then we will probably get along great!

If you are unable to follow these rules or respect me as an individual then I will probably end up muting and/or blocking you. I block early and often. If you are blocked then that is too bad for you.