Recent Work

nslocalizer - Github

nslocalizer is a tool written in Python 3 that will analyze the targets in Xcode project files and report on which localized strings are missing translations and unused in the code of the specific target.

pyconfig - Github

pyconfig is a small tool written in Python that converts files written in a simple DSL into xcconfig files to be used by Xcode.

BSL (Bungie Scripting Language) - Github

Implementation of a linter and executor for the scripting language used in the Bungie game "Oni".

hotkeyd - Github

A small daemon that runs in the background that binds global hotkeys to executing AppleScripts.

pbPlist - Github

pbPlist is a Python library for working with NeXT format ASCII plists. It supports serialization and deserialization.

debugDescription - Github

Automating -[NSObject debugDescription] using the Objective-C runtime to generate the output at runtime.

Apple Open Source Downloader - Github

Tool to allow for easy access to lookup and download packages from Also supports creating diffs between two versions of an open source package.

SDMMobileDevice - Github

This project is an implementation of the MobileDevice framework. It was written from scratch using Hopper to reverse engineer the code and protocols used.

BlockObservers - Github

Custom implementation of key-value observation that uses blocks to notify on value changes. Written using the objective-c runtime and a basic C++ hash map.

Enigma Encryption Engine - Github

This is an x86 assembly program that replicates the behavior of the World War 2 German "Enigma" encryption machine.

The Archives

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